Band of Seven Dwarfs Mascots - Redbrokoly.com
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Band of Seven Dwarfs Mascots
All happy and colorful, here is our band of Seven Dwarfs mascots! Dressed in a different...
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5 Diddl mascots with his girlfriend and his friends -
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5 Diddl mascots with his girlfriend...
Redbrokoly.com is proud to bring you this really cool mascot product. Redbrokoly.com has been...
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4 Teletubbies mascots, colorful characters from TV series -
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4 Teletubbies mascots, colorful...
Our mascot costumes are really nice and just a click away. Whether for parties or commercial...
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4 mascots from the cartoon "The Wizard of Oz", 4 disguises -
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4 mascots from the cartoon "The...
Amusing very diverse mascots of the cult cartoon "The Wizard of Oz" with the robot, the lion,...
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4 Snoopy mascots in different colors, famous costumes -
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4 Snoopy mascots in different colors,...
Mascot Snoopy, famous cartoon dog, companion of Charlie Brown, sold by 4 with a black Snoopy,...
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3 squirrel mascots from Alvin and the Chipmunks - Redbrokoly.com
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3 squirrel mascots from Alvin and the...
We doubt you will find a mascot product of this quality from any other supplier....
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Custom mascot

Which mascot and why have a mascot?

Which mascot and why have a mascot?

Which mascot and why?

Previously, the mascot was considered to be a kind of lucky charm for a team, a brand or a business. For a few years and until today, it has become a real marketing tool for the biggest brands, which have made it a real symbol of value. And it is a system that works elsewhere !!!

It's a question of visual identity!

Marketing is essentially based on image when it comes to making a name for itself and retaining customers. You should know that the mascot will constitute the first image, the visual element which will be directly linked to your sign or your brand.

The character you choose, and who will represent you in the eyes of your customers, will allow them to recognize you quickly and to remember you easily. Like the logo, the mascot is a sort of hallmark of the house. This is why we talk about visual identity in the field of marketing. As soon as one of your products is on TV or on the web, thanks to the mascot, customers are located more quickly.

The mascot will complete your image!

The mascot will necessarily represent you, and thus what you are and want to aspire to others! However, it is quite possible that it stands out slightly from your brand. Beyond its aspect of representation, it will also aim to create a story and to carry the clientele in yours.  

They say the mascot complements your brand's image. She tells your story and will try to get others to be part of it. As your image is built, the mascot will also be part of this adventure and will also be used to tell it. The goal is to bring you closer to the prospect and to go beyond this formal and institutional aspect imposed by traditional marketing devices.

The mascot can boost your success!

Customers are aware and know you thanks to the mascot, it can also directly animate sales. And many brands also use their mascot to set up new products, derivatives and inspired by the mascot. Mascots are investments, which will quickly become income-generating as well.

How to choose your mascot?

We have some tips for you to choose your mascot.

·        Choose an image that suits you

When choosing the mascot itself, you have to give a representation that will immediately remind you of your brand. Most often, the classic will be an animal. But leave room for your creativity, choosing the character that best reflects the attributes of your brand.

·        Choose a nice name

Most of the time, the name of the mascot escapes the customer. But in case things turn out otherwise, it's best to prepare one. The following rules should be followed: a short name that is easy to remember and pronounce.

·        Work well on your appearance

When you have determined the nature of the character, you must now work on his appearance. It must be endearing and easily recognizable. The disguise is done mainly for fun, to attract and mark the spirits.