Band of Seven Dwarfs Mascots - Redbrokoly.com
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Band of Seven Dwarfs Mascots
All happy and colorful, here is our band of Seven Dwarfs mascots! Dressed in a different...
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5 Diddl mascots with his girlfriend and his friends -
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5 Diddl mascots with his girlfriend...
Redbrokoly.com is proud to bring you this really cool mascot product. Redbrokoly.com has been...
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4 Teletubbies mascots, colorful characters from TV series -
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4 Teletubbies mascots, colorful...
Our mascot costumes are really nice and just a click away. Whether for parties or commercial...
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4 Snoopy mascots in different colors, famous costumes -
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4 Snoopy mascots in different colors,...
Mascot Snoopy, famous cartoon dog, companion of Charlie Brown, sold by 4 with a black Snoopy,...
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4 mascots from the cartoon "The Wizard of Oz", 4 disguises -
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4 mascots from the cartoon "The...
Amusing very diverse mascots of the cult cartoon "The Wizard of Oz" with the robot, the lion,...
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3 squirrel mascots from Alvin and the Chipmunks - Redbrokoly.com
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3 squirrel mascots from Alvin and the...
We doubt you will find a mascot product of this quality from any other supplier....
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How to choose a mascot for your business?

How to choose a mascot for your business?

A mascot is not just a simple character. Indeed, the mascot directly conveys your brand your brand. For this reason, the choice of a mascot , as well as its costume requires a lot of thought. Here are the four steps to follow to create a mascot costume .

Step 1: The mascot in general

The first thing to do is to decide who will be your mascot and what it can bring to your brand. Don't forget that your mascot will represent your business. For this reason, it must be consistent with your activities. Will your mascot be an animal, a human being or a character from your imagination?

In addition to conveying your brand image, your mascot also aims to highlight your products and add value to them. As an example, we can cite the Cajoline bear for a brand of laundry that accentuates the soft side of laundry while not forgetting to promote family values.

Step 2: the name of the mascot

The second step is to choose the name of your mascot . This step is essential because it will allow customers to locate your mascot and quote it. For this reason, it is important that the name you choose is short and above all easy to remember.

In addition, the name of your mascot should not be too common like Bob for example. A name that is too common will not be powerful enough and your mascot may be invisible or little known.

Do not forget that your mascot must succeed in appropriating the attachment of your customers: the latter is favored if they know how to name it.

Step 3: the appearance of the mascot

The third step is to choose the appearance of your mascot and it is on this step that it is often necessary to call in a professional who will know how to create the most relevant mascot costume .

As with the name of the mascot, it is important that its appearance is easily recognizable and above all endearing. The appearance of your mascot should also be as original as possible to prevent customers from mixing it with other brands.

Step 4: the mascot's personality

The last step is choosing the personality of your mascot . As with all the previous steps, you must always keep in mind that your mascot must be endearing, while partly representing the values you advocate.

You can go for one side of your mascot's personality and exaggerate it to make it endearing. To have more impact on consumers, it is advisable to choose only positive character traits. A dynamic character for a dairy brand, a funny character to sell interactive products, and the like.

It is also possible to choose rebellious mascots to highlight your originality.