Band of Seven Dwarfs Mascots - Redbrokoly.com
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Band of Seven Dwarfs Mascots
All happy and colorful, here is our band of Seven Dwarfs mascots! Dressed in a different...
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5 Diddl mascots with his girlfriend and his friends -
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5 Diddl mascots with his girlfriend...
Redbrokoly.com is proud to bring you this really cool mascot product. Redbrokoly.com has been...
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4 Teletubbies mascots, colorful characters from TV series -
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4 Teletubbies mascots, colorful...
Our mascot costumes are really nice and just a click away. Whether for parties or commercial...
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4 mascots from the cartoon "The Wizard of Oz", 4 disguises -
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4 mascots from the cartoon "The...
Amusing very diverse mascots of the cult cartoon "The Wizard of Oz" with the robot, the lion,...
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4 Snoopy mascots in different colors, famous costumes -
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4 Snoopy mascots in different colors,...
Mascot Snoopy, famous cartoon dog, companion of Charlie Brown, sold by 4 with a black Snoopy,...
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3 squirrel mascots from Alvin and the Chipmunks - Redbrokoly.com
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3 squirrel mascots from Alvin and the...
We doubt you will find a mascot product of this quality from any other supplier....
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Custom mascot

All the advantages of having a mascot

All the advantages of having a mascot

Over the years, creating a mascot has become more and more popular. It represents real added value to your brand and has many advantages for your business.

The mascot: a spokesperson

A mascot is a great way to convey your business messages to your consumers and potential customers.

Indeed, a mascot erases any idea of too commercial speech. The latter stages adventures and situations to be closer to consumers and encourage them to provide the product.

For the latter, the mascot does not exhibit the brand, but rather its character traits to promote emotional attachment.

A mascot for children

A mascot promotes the transmission of messages and acts as a link between the company and consumers. However, she is more likely to form a strong bond with children.

Through his adventures and his personality, children will be able to find their super hero there, just like in cartoons. Children grow up with mascots and develop a special attachment to them.

For a brand for children, a mascot is therefore essential.

Strengthen your visual identity

The mascot's personality and physique traits play a significant role in the image of your business.

Over time, your mascot will become remarkable and memorable, just like your logo. Using your mascot on your products and advertising will therefore be a good way to attract consumers and make them recognize your products.

The mascot to boost your sales

We don't say it enough, but your mascot will be representative of your brand and forge a bond with your consumers. It is for this reason that it can allow you to create derivative products in its image.

Since your consumers will be emotionally attached to your character, it's no wonder the merchandise that represents her sells out very quickly.

The mascot to maintain a brand image

Your mascot should represent your brand. However, it can stand out from your image to create an endearing character. As a result, your mascot can experience its own adventures and adventures to convey a more sympathetic image. Indeed, having a cheerful and dynamic mascot can help companies with a too severe and institutional image to invest in their “sympathy” capital.

We can for example cite the M & M's brand which highlights characters representing sweets in hilarious situations (at the cinema, on a date, on a plane and others)

Call on a professional to develop the mascot costume

It is important to hire a professional to create your mascot costume and represent it as faithfully as possible. Indeed, your consumers will have a well-defined idea of your mascot. For this reason, a bad reproduction of their character could be harmful to your image, even “break” the magic established since the creation of your mascot .